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RecurDyn Simulation Software

RecurDyn V8: Complex Simulation made Easy

RecurDyn V8R1 enhances Integrated Multi-Physics on your simulation desktop with built-in meshing, and multi-core processing of combined rigid/flexible body systems - helping you do more in less time!


Modeling in the Cloud

Modeling in the Cloud (MiC) is a web-based service developed by ExpertControl GmbH, to calculate and generate models of dynamic, time-based linear and non-linear systems.

MiC speeds development time for you by automatically generating transfer functions, state-space matrices, differential equations, and even RecurDyn models of your system.

See how MiC works (Firefox Browser needed) by trying out any of the dozen demo models, or, sign up for a subscription and upload your own measurement data to begin generating your own system models.

RecurDyn - More Simulations in Less Time

Functional Simulation mean putting your ideas in motion! Whether you are simulating engines, lawn mowers or copiers, RecurDyn's state of the art recursive algorithm can solve your problem 2 - 10X faster than other multibody dynamics codes. Do dynamic finite-element analysis - in one package! Simulate belts, chains and tracks directly in your model. Carry out more design iterations in less time. Spend your time on improving the design, not on running software.

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