RecurDyn / Professional

RecurDyn/Professional Multi-Physics Simulation Software

RecurDyn Professional is a complete solution for creating and simulating multi flexible body dynamics models.

Powerful pre and post-processing, an easy to use, intuitive Windows interface and a fast, state of the art solver give you a very powerful design and analysis tool for complex mechanisms.

With fully integrated linear and non-linear FEA capabilities you can create detailed, realistic models for design studies and improving your product's performance.

NEW: RecurDyn V8R1 is loaded with enhanced capabilities: - improved flexible dynamic solutions - enhanced ease-of-use: - ribbon-based modeling, and new toolkits: RecurDyn/Durability -- helping you to design better products.

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Powerful, easy to use Windows Interface

Based on the Parasolid kernel, the RecurDyn modeler has everything you expect from a state of the art, professional CAE tool.

  • Geometries, profiles modeling (Parasolid)
  • CAD operations
  • CAD translations (x_b, x_t, Step, Stl, Shl, Slp, Adm-Cmd, IGES)
  • Sophisticated post processing
  • Conform to industry-standard conventions
  • Easy to use design and simulation utilities
  • Familiar, intuitive Windows interface
  • Parameterization
  • Interactive simulation & visualization
  • Menu and toolbar customization
  • Single and multiple screen picking selection
  • Drag & drop, cut & paste
  • Split window
  • Multi-model, Multi-tasking

State of the Art, Fast Solver

The RecurDyn solver is based on a fully recursive algorithm. By using relative coordinate systems the number of generalized coordinates and constraint equations is minimized. As a result, the equations of motion for the multi body dynamics system can be solved very fast.

The result? RecurDyn is 2 - 10 times faster than other MBD solutions. Carry out more design iterations in less time. Concentrate on improving performance, not on running software.

Not only is the RecurDyn solver very fast, it is also highly robust and stable. RecurDyn is very effective in solving complex contact and high speed problems.

Special Toolkits

RecurDyn offers many special add-on Toolkits for industry specific applications. These Toolkits make it easier to create sophisticated models and speed up the analysis proces.

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