RecurDyn / Chain Toolkit

The RecurDyn / Chain Toolkit provides special functions for modeling and analyzing complex, 3D chain drive systems.

Chain drives are widely used for their power, efficiency and low maintenance cost. However, noise and vibration can be major problems, especially at higher speeds and with the trend towards lighter components. In particular, engine timing chains and cam drives have vibrational characteristics which can be excited at particular engine speeds and loading conditions.

By using simulation you can significantly reduce product development time & cost by analyzing design changes in more detail and much faster than by building & testing physical prototypes.



RecurDyn / Chain Advantages

  • Fastest, most robust solver
    • 2X - 10X faster than the leading MBD solver
    • Less parameter tweaking to get your model to run
  • Efficient contact algorithms
  • Automatic assembly of the chain
  • Automatic contact definitions
  • Definition of contacts between silent chain links and sprocket
  • Dynamic load histories for stress & fatigue analysis
  • Refine sprocket teeth profile, design chain links, guides and and chain tensioner characteristics
  • Evaluate system dynamics:
    • Vibrations excited by sprocket-link contact (polygonal effect)
    • Sprocket misalignment
    • Design tensioning devices to optimize chain tension
    • Hydraulic Auto Tensioner



  • ISO 606 library of components
    • Rollers
    • Guides
    • Group guides
    • Lateral guards
    • Roller sprockets and links
    • Multiplex sprockets and links
    • Silent sprockets and links
  • Chain assembly creation
  • Single & double bushings
  • Define Inverted Tooth Chain systems
    • Inverted Tooth Sprockets
    • Involute Tooth Sprockets
    • Inverted Tooth Chain Links
  • Graphical or spreadsheet design of sprocket tooth profiles
  • Subsystem definition for efficient interaction with other model assemblies, such as an engine model


  • Chain tension
  • Pulley loads
  • Displacements
  • Velocities
  • Contact forces
    • Sprocket chain
    • Roller chain
    • Guide rail chain
    • Lateral guard chain


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