RecurDyn Belt Toolkit

Belt drives are used in a wide variety of power transmission applications, from automotive timing and front-end accessory drives, to lawn mowers, washing machines and road milling equipment.

What all of these applications have in common is that they have been difficult and time-consuming to analyze with CAE tools...until now.

With the RecurDyn / Belt Toolkit you can create, wrap and analyze belt drives from simple to very complex 3D geometries.

Typical applications include:

  • Engine Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) systems
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) systems
  • Timing belt drives
  • Power transmission applications



Modeling Features

The Toolkit offers all the components you need for modeling belt drives, such as many different types of belts, and a wide array of pulleys and rollers. RecurDyn / Belt is the best design tool for simulating and improving belt drive system performance.

Belt Toolbar


  • Evaluate 3D belt systems including out of plane conditions
  • Dynamic load histories for stress & fatigue analysis
  • Refine pulley profiles, belt links and guides
  • Evaluate system dynamics:
    • Transient conditions at start-up
    • High speed failure conditions
  • Design tensioning devices to optimize belt tension
  • Automatic belt assembly with efficient contact algorithms
  • Automatic belt wrapping and tensioning

Model Output

  • Sensors for slip, tension, events and distance
  • Belt tension (along any belt span)
  • Belt slip (at any specified pulley)
  • Pulley loads
  • Displacements / flutter (along any belt span)
  • Velocities
  • Contact forces

Faster Results with The Best MBD Solver Available Today

The state of the art RecurDyn solver is 2 X - 10 X faster than the market leader in MBD software. With RecurDyn you can solve complex 3D belt models in the same time it takes other software to solve a 2D problem.

You can carry out more design iterations in less time: concentrate on improving your design, not on managing software.

The user friendly Graphical User Interface makes creating a belt drive simulation model easy. Pulley and belt cross sections can be defined graphically or through a spreadsheet interface.


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