RecurDyn / Track LM Toolkit

RecurDyn / Track-LM provides a full set of features and components for modeling low mobility tracked vehicles, such as construction equipment, earth moving equipment, forestry equipment, etc.  For these types of vehicles the focus of the design effort usually is vehicle capacity and stability, rather than mobility.

RecurDyn / Track-LM analyzes the nonlinear dynamics of low mobility tracked vehicle with stable and strong suspension system connected by compliant force elements.

Track interaction with terrain and structural performance can also be analyzed easily.


Track LM Modeling Features

  • Sprockets                                                                                                                                                  
  • Single and double flange rollers
  • Center flange rollers
  • Flat rollers
  • Roller guards
  • Double bushings
  • Track links
  • Track assembly
    • Create track links and connecting bushings around a set of specified bodies
  • Terrain profile
    • Create the ground by using outlines, splines or import the ground profile from a file
  • Contact forces
    • Roller - track link
    • Sprocket - track link
    • Ground - track link grouser
    • Roller guard - track link pin
    • Track link grouser - track link grouser
    • Sphere - track link grouser


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