CAD Data Exchange

RecurDyn/Professional leverages the popular Parasolid graphics kernel, which simplifies CAD data transfer and model building in RecurDyn.   A wide variety of CAD data formats may be imported into RecurDyn, including:

  • Parasolids: .x_b (binary) and .x_t (ASCII) files
  • STEP: AP203 & AP214,   (.step & .stp) files (Requires RecurDyn/STEP)
  • IGES 2D (.igs) files
  • Stereolithography (.stl) files
  • Shell (.shl) files
  • ADAMS (.cmd & .adm) files

Control Systems Interface

RecurDyn supports co-simulation with the popular MATLAB/Simulink Environment from The Mathworks. RecurDyn/Controls exports your RecurDyn mechanical plant descriptions for inclusion into your MATLAB/Simulink controller model.

Hydraulic Systems Interface

RecurDyn supports hydraulic co-simulation with the well-known AMESim Software from LMS/Imagine. RecurDyn/Hydraulics connects your RecurDyn mechanical system model for communication with your AMESim hydraulics model.

UGS NX Motion

NX Motion Simulation-RecurDyn (pdf) software helps designers and engineers predict and understand the functional behavior of parts and assemblies. It delivers a complete and very robust set of capabilities to support all aspects of advanced, dynamic, static and kinematics motion simulation.

Joints, springs, dampers, motion drivers, applied forces, contacts and bushings are typical types of design considerations that benefit from the use of motion analysis.

The early use of performance simulation is key to the evaluation of design options. It increases design confidence and reduces risk, thus enabling transformation of the design process.

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