Racing Spring & Cam Design

Racing Spring & Cam Design

FunctionSIM and Four Stroke Design offer software and design services that will help you maximize the performance of your racing engines...

FunctionSIM distributes and supports the RecurDyn and Camshaft Design System tools used by manufacturers and teams to simulate and improve performance and quality.
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FunctionSIMFour Stroke Design Four Stroke Design, an engine design and consulting company that specializes in cylinder head and valvetrain design for high performance engines.

Valvetrain Simulation in Motorsports


Any automotive system that moves engine, driveline, or chassis can benefit from computer analysis - Virtual Testing - of loads, reaction forces and displacements.

Traditionally, testing - on rigs, on dynos, and on the road - has been used to validate of operation of vehicle systems. Virtual Testing helps you perform simulated tests on your CAD model, find out what works best, and go to the dyno or track with confidence.

Racing teams are finding that our simulation software is ideally suited to optimizing the performance of vehicles designed to travel above highway speeds and engines with red lines above 10,000 RPMs.

In particular, valvetrain analysis is an area of growing interest in the motorsports community. Design goals include maximizing valve lift, minimizing loft and bounce, and choosing the best combination of valvetrain component masses and springs.


CAD/CAM/CAE Tools that help you design and simulate engine and valvetrain components:

Camshaft Design System

CDS is a modern, powerful software developed to calculate cam profiles for the simulation of engine valve trains and for actual grinds. The use of state-of-the-art computer algorithms allows the user to design valve lift curves, without being confronted with the underlying math. A basic knowledge of valve train design is sufficient, but necessary, to successfully design a valve train system. To the right, you will see a cam superimposed with its Herzian stress distribution and oil film thinkness through a range of 600-7000 RPMs.


The difference between desired valve lift and actual valve lift at high RPMs is governed in large part by the behavior of flexible components: the valvespring. In particular, the natural frequency of the spring at the maximum lift compression will determine whether positive contact between the cam and lifter is maintained, or whether valve loft occurs. RecurDyn provides a number of multi-mass spring models to handle round, elliptical and ovate wire profiles, cylindrical, cone and beehive springs in single or dual-rate configurations.

FunctionSIM distributes and supports RecurDyn, a leading integrated multi-physics CAE software from FunctionBay, Inc. RecurDyn, with its revolutionary user-interface and recursive solver couples dynamic multi-body, finite-element and control system analyses. Rigid bodies, modal bodies, and full finite-element meshes may be addembled and analyzed to determine system performance through loads, deflections and vibrational content.
FunctionSIM is a team of industry engineering professionals devotedto assisting companies and teams use Functional Simulation of physical systemto improve product performance and quality. FunctionSim is the right partner for your simulation needs.
Four Stroke Design, Inc. is an engine design and consulting company that specializes in cylinder head and valvetrain design for high performance engines. State-of-the-art computer design and analysis software is utilized to model cylinder head geometry and valvetrain components in order to analyze the performance of the components before they are manufactured. Many design iterations can be performed and modifications made based on analysis without spending any money on manufacturing. This process is commonly known as Virtual Prototyping and is rapidly spreading globally as an efficient method in manufacturing. By spending money during the design process and saving time and money on the manufacturing process, our customers are able to maximize their return on investment and realize performance gains in a much shorter time period than by using traditional methods. We like to think of ourselves as an off-site development group for hire!

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