Mechatronic System Simulation: Real-Time Results!

Mechatronics bridges the disciplines of mechanical and electrical engineering to bring robotic, packaging and manufacturing automation to today's laboratories, test cells and factories.

In motion control applications, the demand for speed and precision competes with the physics of mass and inertia. FunctionSIM provides tools to help engineers better model and simulate both control and mechanical systems.

Closed loop controllers can be quickly modeled using ecICP. ecICP reads measured data (from either simulation or physical testing) in order to generate a plant model. This plant model is used to calculate parameters for an optimal feedback controller.


With the help of RecurDyn, engineers can investigate the highly-dynamic motion of robots in a timely, goal-oriented manner without resorting to physical prototypes. In particular, the RecurDyn/Full-Flexibility module is used to perform both mutli-body and finite-element analysis, multi-flexible body dynamics, or MFBD. ôRecurDyn is THE tool for combined, MFDB analysis," comments one satisfied user.


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