Cub Cadet

Cub Cadet i1000 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

When Cub Cadet set out to develop a new zero-turn riding (ZTR) mower for the homeowner, their engineers knew that that they needed to rely on simulation to hit the target in the highly competitive lawn care market. Steve Weiler, Senior Engineering Analyst at Cub Cadet, explains that, “We are dedicated to using virtual prototyping packages like RecurDyn to do more virtual testing.” The result is the highly acclaimed Cub Cadet i1000, featured in the June 2007 issue of Popular Science. The i1000 is the only lawn tractor on the market that delivers ZTR performance with the convenience of a conventional steering wheel.
i1000 Mower

RecurDyn was used early in the design process. “With RecurDyn, we can import geometry from our CAD package,” says Steve, “and test the design in the virtual world.” This included synchronizing the front steering gears with the rear axles, so that a normal steering maneuver would seamlessly become a J-turn or a zero-radius turn, enabling the unit to spin about the driver’s seat. “It’s a quicker process,” concludes Steve Weiler; a process that enabled the Cub Cadet i1000 to undergo rigorous virtual and physical testing prior to its introduction in the spring of 2007. Cub Cadet chose RecurDyn for multibody analysis several years ago, due to its strength in modeling 3D belt drive systems and coupling flexible body simulation for detailed vehicle system analyses.

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