RecurDyn Simulation V7R5 Integrated Multi-Physics
FunctionSIM announces enhancement of RecurDyn V7R5 with Integrated Multi-Physics

As the manufacturing economy warms back up, you are probably trying to speed up product design and testing while minimizing development time and money.

Question: How do you predict dynamic loads while taking into account component elasticity.

Answer: By using RecurDyn V7R5. After reading in your CAD model, you can quickly simulate drive and actuation input to obtain motions and reaction loads. Then, with the right-click of a button, you can mesh critical components, and determine deflection-based performance, as well as dynamic stresses.

And, if you are using Simulation to design better products, you know that faster run times are desirable - especially as your models become larger and more complex. RecurDyn V7R5 can help you do more by taking advantage of Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP) to enable more analysis in less time.

RecurDyn V7R5 extends its Multi-Flexible Body Dynamics capabilities to Integrated Multi-Physics, with enhancements in the following areas:

- Simulation Performance (reduce simulation times 30-50%
on dual and
quad-core workstations.)

- Solid Body Contact (easily define contact and friction between CAD solids)

- Toolkit Enhancements for Belt, Chain and Crank Drives

- create RecurDyn macros using ProcessNet (tm)

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..........Scissor Lift Actuation.......... ..........Driveline Vibration..........
With RecurDyn, you just need mesh or import a finite-element model into your mechanical system model; no prior modal analysis is needed. RecurDyn enables you to treat the flexible body just like any other: connect it, contact it, and simulate it. Get displacements, accelerations, and loads, as well as deflections and stresses - all in one run!

Simulating contact between objects is now faster and easier in RecurDyn! Just click on the parts that come into contact, choose the default or material property values, and you are on your way to simulating impact, friction and travel & effort. Contact forces, friction forces at any point or points of contact are displayed for you graphically and as XY plots - again, all in one run!
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